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Below is a list of other researchers who are interested in the Overend Family name:

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Pamela Cowgill,
Mandurah, W Australia
Pamela Cowgill

Julie and Pamela's Genealogy Infosite

Donald F. Overend
Syracuse, New York, USA


John Joseph Overend
Falls Church, Virginia, USA
John Joseph Overend (Jack)

The Family Tree of John Joseph Overend

Carol Mercer Jefferies
Stittsville, Ontario,

The Mercer Family Home Page

Allen I. (Al) Overend
Flagstaff, Arizona, USA


Paul Gregory Overend
Bath, Somerset,
United Kingdom

The Overend Family Home Page

Mary Painter
Chester County,
Pennsylvania, USA


Mark Overend
Long Clawson,
Leicestershire, UK


Judith (Judy) Ann Kirby
New Zealand


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